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This Complete Self Functioning Solar Street Light Will Charge or Charge All Day and Your Environment All Night Till Day Break.

Today We Are Selling On a High Discounted Promo Price of NGN 55,000


2Pcs =  NGN 110,000 

3Pcs =  NGN 165,000 

4Pcs =  NGN 220,000 

5Pcs =  NGN 275,000 

6Pcs =  NGN 330,000 

7Pcs =  NGN 385,000 

8Pcs =  NGN 440,000 

9Pcs =  NGN 495,000 

10Pcs =  NGN 550,000 

12Pcs =  NGN 660,000 

15Pcs =  NGN 825,000 

20Pcs =  NGN 1,100,000 

Dont forget that you will be getting 1 extra piece for FREE on every 10pcs you order for.

  • Please be 100% sure that you want to buy this product before placing order!

  • If you know that you don’t have the money to pay within 24 – 48 hours that this products will takes in transit to reach your location, please don’t bother to fill the form below.

    • Please do not place an order for a fun or for joke, we aren’t joking here.
    • Don’t order and ask us to come next week please…. we only needs serious buyers alone.
    • If you will be traveling or may not be free to receive this lights when our delivery agent in your state reach out to you for the delivery, please do not order. Unless you have someone that you can give the money and tell him/her to receive on your behalf when the delivery agent get to the given address provided by you.

    Please don’t take this aforementioned warning as a joke as it will cost us a lot of money to send out our products to your location even when we are still selling at discounted rate plus rendering free delivery nationwide.

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